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Use Case - Robotic Process Automation under HKMA Guidelines

In January 2021, FCCA completed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) use case within Transaction Monitoring Alert Investigations under HKMA guidelines for a retail bank in HK.

Under the HKMA guidelines, RPA is one of the technologies leveraged that applications or solutions used within AML/CFT programmes. Our RPA solution allows customer to:

  • Start with small and quick deploy for immediate efficiency gain for the compliance operation

  • Shorten the manual process

  • Step-by-step RegTech initiative planning

This is a 3-year RegTech roadmap adoption with 2 phrases.

Phrase 1: RPA for AML transaction monitoring alert investigations

  • Consolidated 5 source systems

  • Enhanced business operation efficiency

  • Able to clear the backing within weeks

  • Saved 2 - 3 manpower in compliance operation

Phase 2: Automation of remote account opening

For more details, please refer to Bank C from the attachment below:

HKMA AML/CFT Regtech: Case Studies and Insights
Download PDF • 15.07MB


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