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Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021 - FinTech Silver Award

In November 2021, FCCA is honoured to receive The FinTech (Regulatory Technology and Risk Management) Silver Award from The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers for Artificial Intelligence Anti-Money Laundering solution.

Our AML solution helps improve and streamline compliance operations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. It can flexibly integrate with existing systems to create a better ROI.

Comments from Judging Panel:

FCC Analytics Limited provides an all-in-one KYC solution, including screening, robotic process automation, customer due diligence, transaction monitoring and more. Their unique selling proposition is on the compliance bot informing banks the reasons why or why not they need to investigate on certain things. The presenter is passionate in the solution and processes clear and succinct communication skills to help the judges better understand the solution, and also demonstrated solid industry knowledge and good cases studies.

For more details, please refer the attachment below:

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021 - FinTech Award
Download PDF • 7.27MB


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