Advance Analytics for Anti-Money Laundering

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About Us

FCC Analytics is a RegTech company incorporating big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning into compliance solutions and operation for meeting the diverse needs of the compliance professionals. 

We have a team with best domain experts, data scientists and software developers for services delivery specific in compliance domain.

Our Services


AML Transaction Monitoring Solution

We provide different services on AML Transaction Monitoring Solution:

  • Apply machine learning and advance analytics on the existing transaction monitoring solution

  • New transaction monitoring solution implementation

  • Enhance the existing transaction monitoring solution

  • Provide customer holistic summary and recommendation

  • Threshold tuning exercise

  • Review and advisory services of system and operation

AML KYC/CDD Solution

We provide different services on AML KYC/CDD Solution:

  • New end-to-end KYC/CDD solution implementation with both APP, Web, and internal KYC/CDD solution

  • Provide bio-metric functionality for the KYC/CDD operation

  • Enhance the existing KYC/CDD operation and solution

  • Provide custom-made onboarding operation

  • Review and advisory services of system and operation

Data Analysis and Subscription 

Provides data subscription services such as industry data, negative news, sanction data, politically exposed person data, etc.  We can consolidate and analyze the content details to provide insight from the data source with machine learning technology.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is employee training mandated by legislation, regulation or policy. It educates your employees on the laws or regulations applicable to their job function or industry.  We offer online compliance training that has the features you need to achieve training success.


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